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The Due Diligence Company provides an array of DD services including public domain checks, database analysis, credit rating checks, and business intelligence interviews as well as employment and education verification world-wide.


The Due Diligence Company aims to deliver quality translation services to its clients be they for business documentation, legal documentation or general translation requirements.


Consultancy services are currently under development and will include a wide range of services ranging from business plans and white papers to country case studies.

Mission Statement

The Due Diligence Company is at your service to aid in getting to know your clients and partners, making an investment, the right decision and protecting your reputation.

You want to establish a partnership, but are not certain with whom are you cooperating? You suspect that in a business relationship there is more to it than you in fact know? Do not leave yourself in the dark, as it is imperative to know your partners and clients, and to secure your good name.

There are a wide range of business relationships which can include partners, employees, shareholders, accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, competitors, executives, etc. All of them can have significant impact in your dealings and your ultimate business welfare. Any fallacy can have an impact on your reputation and even bring you into a predicament with regulatory authorities. Bribery, corruption, money laundering and financing of suspicious activities by your prospective clients and partners may involve you, even if you are not aware of it. Therefore, it is in your interest to know with whom you are in business.

Before you put your signature on a contract that may potentially hurl you into unchartered waters, a due diligence investigation can provide you with the necessary intelligence on whom you are entering into a business partnership with. Carefully and professionally conducted due diligence will also protect you from possible legal disputes with serious financial impact, as well as from regulatory investigations and fines damaging to your company's name and well-being.

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